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Knights Apprentice, Memorick's Adventures

You play Memorick, apprentice to Merlin the magician in the land of Avalon. This exciting game is surrounded with Arthurian mythology, and climactic battles that test your reflexes as well as wits.

Pure Pinball

Leveraging the jam-packed power of the Xbox video game system from Microsoft, Iridon brings you Pure Pinball nGen, the essential flipper fest extra-vaganza for any avid Xbox gamer!


After its worldwide success on PC and PlayStation 2, Syberia is now coming to the XBOX! Kate Walker, a young and brilliant lawyer from New York has come to Europe to negotiate the purchase of a famous Robot/Toy factory. However, she will soon have her future completely turned upside down when the owner of the factory dies. The heir of the factory who is an inventor and brother of the now dead owner has been missing for decades and Kate must now find him to finish of the deal, but in her journey from the West to the East will prove to be challenging. She will soon find out that real reason why this famous inventor left his family and vowed never to return again.

Syberia II

Embarking on a desperate search for Hans Voralberg, Kate Walker crosses Europe from West to East. She has left behind all her worldly possessions with the express purpose of joining the heir of the Voralberg family on his journey. Together, through mystical and enchanting lands, they will find their way to the mythical Syberia, land of the forgotten mammoths.

Thus Syberia II begins

Knights Apprentice Available Now
Pure Pinball Available Now
Syberia 2 09.20.04
Still Life TBA
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