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popstar guitar wii box
nintendo ds

PopStar Guitar

PopStar Guitar takes the beat to a whole new level! Whether you’re going to be the next Rihanna or Jonas Brothers sensation, the road to fame and glory begins with PopStar Guitar.
ten pin alley wii box
nintendo ds

Ten Pin Alley 2

Ten Pin Alley™ returns this Fall with its pin smashing, wall crashing cast of bowling characters. XS Games™ proudly presents Ten Pin Alley 2™ for the Wii!
rebel raiders wii box
nintendo ds

Rebel Raiders – Operation Nighthawk

Command your squadron as you fight against one of the largest air armadas ever unleashed! Rebel Raiders: Operation Nighthawk is an intense flight shooter which emphasizes frantic dogfighting over flight simulation.

Super Pickups

Race faster and wilder than ever with super modified racing pickups! Increase your racing skills and compete in challenging race circuits to win big cash prizes. Use your winnings to customize your racing pickup to dominate the race and take 1st place!
PopStar Guitar 11.18.08
Rebel Raiders – Operation Nighthawk 10.01.08
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