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PopStar Guitar

PopStar Guitar takes the beat to a whole new level! Whether you’re going to be the next Rihanna or Jonas Brothers sensation, the road to fame and glory begins with PopStar Guitar.

Super PickUps

Race faster and wilder than ever with super modified racing pickups! Increase your racing skills and compete in challenging race circuits to win big cash prizes. Use your winnings to customize your racing pickup to dominate the race and take 1st place!

The Red Star

Blending the mechanics of melee based brawlers with the side-scrolling shooters of the classic console era, The Red Star updates each style with combo attacks, enemy lock-on features, and the ability to switch between the two seamlessly and on the fly. You will fight your way through 19 stages of intense enemies with one goal in mind: take them all down.

Rebel Raiders - Operation Nighthawk

Rebel Raiders is set in the future during a stereotypical struggle between an overbearing government empire and some plucky rebels looking to shake things up. You play as a jet pilot for the rebellion.

DT Racer

DT Racer is an extreme no holds barred demolition racer. In order to be the best, you must possess not only racing skill, but also a fearless attitude in an anything goes racing environment.

Digital Hitz Factory
$14.99 (without Microphone)
$39.99 (with Microphone)

Digital Hitz Factory Packs the power and features of a multi-million dollar recording studio with 64 channels and same tools and features used by the pros.

Mobile Light Force 2

The sequel to the great PSone shooter is finally here! Take the Mobile Light Force team to Tokyo in the year 2005 to solve one of their most bizarre cases ever. Help them fight demons and get rid of those who have terrorized the people of Tokyo. You can play as one of the 6 members and use your special abilities to fight your way through numerous stages all taken place above Tokyo. With great arcade shooter action, Mobile Light Force 2 puts you right in the heat of battle.

Super Trucks Racing

SUPER TRUCKS is one of the biggest motor sports in Europe and now it comes home to PlayStation 2. SUPER TRUCKS features official teams, drivers, circuits and trucks with action so realistic you can almost smell the diesel fumes!

PopStar Guitar 11.18.08
Super Pickups Available Now
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