Date added: July 23, 2004
Digital Hitz Factory Comes To A Store Near You!

New York, New York - July 23, 2004 - XS Games and Funkmaster Flex announce that Digital Hitz Factory is now in stores. Digital Hitz Factory packs the power and features of a multi-million dollar recording studio into the PlayStation®2 computer entertainment system and features over 16,000 studio quality samples of Hip Hop, R+B, Rock, Garage Indy and Nu Metal.

Digital Hitz Factory brings amateur, professional, and aspiring musicians the latest in high-end music making technologies. It includes the exclusive V2M (Voice2Music) technology that allows users to sample voices via a USB microphone. V2M interprets the notes sung into a mic and creates a brand new riff which can be played back using an instrument in the game library. Digital Hitz Factory was developed by Jester Interactive who also produced the highly successful MTV Music Generator series.

We are really excited to work with Funkmaster Flex on Digital Hitz Factory to bring the excitement of the music industry into anyone’s living room. Says Steve Grossman, CEO of XS Games. You now have an alternative to spending thousands in a recording studio or spending money buying digital samples.

The most exciting thing about making Digital Hitz Factory will be seeing what people come up with when using it. Says Clark Evans of Jester Interactive. There are many talented people out there who will make amazing music with all of the Digital Hitz Factory features.

Digital Hitz Factory also includes a 1300 video clip library which can be used by the producer's to create a music video which can be keyed to the beat or volume of Hitz instruments to create amazing visuals to go with your music. For the DJ, Digital Hitz Factory has packed in a Super Mixer of 6 Virtual Decks featuring 16 changeable tracks per deck.

  • Unique Voice2Music system - sing your tunes into the PlayStation 2, choose an instrument and let the software create your own riffs all in the right pitch and time.
  • 64 channels using Digital Hitz Factory's own VEKTEK™ audio technology
  • 20 Megabytes of memory for sounds
  • Studio Quality samples - 48kHz give users a brighter crisper sound and is studio quality.
  • USB sampler - Record sounds from any source including a microphone, CD, tape, and even vinyl using the breakout box that comes with the game
  • Create your own music videos - Blend and mix a video from over 500 video clips in the library
  • DJ SUPERMIXER - Six Independent Decks featuring 16 changeable tracks per deck for you to mix your own set.
Digital Hitz Factory for PlayStation 2 is in stores now. For more information visit the website: and keep checking for an exciting contest announcement!

About XS Games
Operating out of New York, XS Games is a world-class publisher of award-winning software in the North American and European video game markets. XS Games publishes many well-known brand titles for the major console platforms including the PlayStation® game console, the PlayStation® 2 computer entertainment system, the Xbox® video game system from Microsoft, and the PC platform. Aside from Pure Pinball, titles include Syberia 2, the Benoit Sokal produced sequel to the acclaimed sleeper hit Syberia, as well as Ten Pin Alley, Hardcore 4x4, and many more.

About Jester Interactive
Jester Interactive is a leading developer of interactive entertainment for major video gaming platforms. Established in 1991, the company has been devising console-based titles since 1997. Jester now employs over 30 people in an impressive 8000 square foot in North Wales. The company is the renowned developer of the international award-winning Music Creation series for the PlayStation and, most recently, MTV Music Generator 2 and Super Trucks for PlayStation 2. Awards for the Music series include the Official PlayStation magazine's award for the Most Innovative Game and was also voted Sony Computer Entertainment America's Most Innovative Game. Jester has also been nominated twice for BAFTA Interactive awards and received the Winners of the Achievement Wales 2000 Business of the Year Award from the Daily Post / Wales 2000 initiative.

For further information, contact:

Elizabeth Satterwhite
XS Games
Tel: (212) 431-1210 ext. 8

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